The Right to do Wrong

I’m pro-life and pr0-choice. The two are not mutually exclusive.

I personally believe that it is immoral to both end the life of a baby in the womb and to force a pregnant woman to give birth against her will.

I wonder what a law banning abortion might manifest itself as in society. I wonder what measures people who advocate for a laws against abortion might be comfortable taking personally. I wonder how far someone would be willing to go to stop a woman from getting an abortion if they had to do it themselves.

In the event a law was passed banning abortion, a woman who expressed a desire to end her pregnancy might be ripped from her home, caged and strapped to a bed for the duration of her pregnancy. That would surely keep her from breaking the law wouldn’t it. But I doubt that even the staunchest pro-lifer would feel comfortable doing that to a pregnant lady; even to save a baby. So why is it then, that asking the State to do it seems like a good idea to so many?

I say, keep the State out of it all together. Realize that every law is a threat. If that threat is not one you yourself would dare make to a pregnant woman, think twice about the morality of having someone else act on it on your behalf.

The only moral weapon you have against abortion is your words. Share your beliefs but don’t force them on others via the apparatus of the state. For if you do, one day it will be the force of the State coming down on your own neck on behalf of those who disagree with you. And that would be immoral wouldn’t it?