Mind control

Me: I don’t need you convert you to be an anarchist. I just find it hard to imagine why it’s so hard for you to just admit you prefer freedom; that freedom is the preferable state; that freedom isn’t dangerous but spurs prosperity and ingenuity.

Reply: There is really no such thing as freedom because even if the government did not exist it would be some other group of people who would be stronger and have more weapons that would take control.


One thought on “Mind control

  1. Ultimately, in additional to inconclusive effects of MJ on the variety of medical conditions, we are ignoring legal and social realities. First, in my experience, a minor people often engage in doctor shopping and like, so most people I met from CA, for example, do not have an underlying medical condition to support their prescription of medical MJ. Of course, that is also a problem with relliateonarcy used painkillers. Second, Gonzales v. Reich sets the precedent for MJ grown for medical use. Growing MJ, even if legal in your state and pursuant to a prescription, will still subject you to federal criminal prosecution if caught.

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