RNC Cheated Paul at Republican National Convention: New Evidence

If I’ve learned one thing over the past year as I’ve watched the Republican nominating process unfold, it’s that our “choice” is an illusion. In light of the facts surrounding Mitt Romney’s nomination at the Republican National Convention, I’m left questioning everything I thought I knew about American Democracy.

The Facts

Updated: September 22, 2012

Six Delegations officially submitted forms to nominate Ron Paul at the Republican National Convention; Nevada, Minnesota, Maine, Iowa, Oregon, Alaska and the Virgin Islands[1]. The party rules at the time of the convention stated a candidate needed a plurality of delegates from at least five states to be nominated.

RULE NO. 40 Nominations
(b) Each candidate for nomination for President of the United States and Vice President of the United States shall demonstrate the support of a plurality of the delegates from each of five (5) or more states, severally, prior to the presentation of the name of that candidate for nomination. Republican Party Rules

Additionally, all paperwork  had to be filed with the convention secretary at least one hour prior to roll call.

“Wayne Terhune, chairman of the Nevada delegation, reported that his state joined at least four others in submitting to the secretary of the convention, Kim Reynolds, valid and timely documents nominating Ron Paul. Minnesota delegate Gary Heyer confirmed to the Los Angeles Times that his state joined Nevada, Minnesota, Iowa, Oregon, Alaska, and the Virgin Islands in submitting the forms to Reynolds.” The New American[5]

See also Wayne Terhune Press Release.

Until recently, it was delegates’ word against National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus. But new video footage of the paperwork being submitted to Kim Reynolds has surfaced. The forms to nominate Ron Paul were given to the convention secretary (Iowa Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds)[2] on August 28th, during the speech of Rick Berg, Congressman from North Dakota. See video evidence below. You can hear Rick Berg speaking in the background. Corresponding footage of the convention on C-Span places the time of delivery at exactly 3:41 PM. That means the paperwork was in the convention secretary’s hands 1 hour and 24 minutes before the roll call which occurred at 5:05 PM the same afternoon.

From there the paperwork should have been presented to the Convention Nominating Committee. However, at some point the paperwork wound up in the hands of Ben Ginsberg, Chief Attorney for the Romney campaign)[3]. Either the paperwork never made it to the GOP Nominating Committee or the committee simply ignored them.

John Sununu, a member of the Republican National Committee, the Convention Nominating Committee and Bush II’s Chief of Staff, nominated Mitt Romney for president. Ron Paul was never nominated[4]. There was no official explanation as to why.

Rule Changes

There were changes to the party rules during the convention that stated that eight delegates were required to be nominated. Many believed these rule changes made Ron Paul ineligible since he only had six. There is only one problem with that theory. The new rules has no bearing on this years convention. Perhaps the GOP was content to let the misinformation persist as it handily took the focus off of them to provide any substantive explanation.

The misinformation seems to have stemmed from articles published by the New York Times and the Las Vegas Sun. Reason.com posted “The New York Times and the Las Vegas Sun Times mislead their readers on the exact cause and effect of the rule change and refusal to nominate Paul, since the rule change from five to eight, which did happen, is not meant to go into effect until the next national convention. While rule change and denial of nomination both occurred, they are not directly causally connected.”

So the question remains. Why was Ron Paul not nominated?

Reince Priebus, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee was asked to explain why Ron Paul was not nominated. In light of the evidence in the first video, one can watch this video knowing full well that he is lying through his teeth.

Is the picture starting to come clear for you now? Are you starting to see the lengths that the party elites went to the make sure that Ron Paul was not the nominee? Is this how you want your presidential candidate to be selected; brute force, lying, and cheating?

I know there are people who just don’t like Ron Paul. I’m fine with that. But I can’t imagine any American, knowing the facts of how Mitt Romney came to be the party’s nominee, could not be outraged at the Republican Party’s behavior. Even Michael Steele, former RNC Chairman said, “What the Republican National Committee did to Ron Paul was the height of rudeness and stupidity…This is crazy! … They are afraid of that which they cannot control.

1. New York Times: “Delegates from Nevada tried to nominate Mr. Paul from the floor, submitting petitions from their own state as well as Minnesota, Maine, Iowa, Oregon, Alaska and the Virgin Islands.”

2. Las Vegas Sun: “At the last moment, Paul supporters handed the petitions to the convention secretary.”

3. Slate: “I’ve got your guys trying to put Paul’s name into nomination,” he said, pointing at the papers. “Right here, buddy.” ~Ginsberg to Rand Paul’s Chief of Staff, Doug Stafford

4. Slate: There would be no nominating Ron Paul from the floor. John Sununu—who had just gotten the new rules pushed through the committee—nominated Mitt Romney for president. Nobody nominated Ron Paul.

5. The New American