The Homosexual’s Delusion of Freedom

Human beings who choose to engage in homosexual acts cheer today as they are finally FREE to reap the 1,138 benefits, rights and protections provided on the basis of marital status in Federal law.

Long denied by the all mighty human beings who together we refer to as Government, the homosexual is no longer oppressed and treated unfairly by the all mighty, all knowing ruling elite. Free at last!

Yes the same force who once assumed the moral authority to define marriage and bestow favor on the few for compliance with it’s edict, now retreat from the posture of aggression and rescind their threat of aggression for any and all who dare disobey by claiming the right to file joint income tax returns or visit a sick loved one in the hospital.

While homosexuals were pandering to their masters for equal treatment (which they deserve) I have been asserting the notion that these people in government have no special power, no Rights above and beyond that of any man, to decide what marriage is and who can and cannot participate in it.

I say, as a married person, I don’t want your special treatment. I don’t want your so-called perks. You Mr. Senator; You Mr. President; You Mr. Judge do not have a single iota of moral authority to define marriage for me and hand out favors which flow from the endless theft of the productive portion of society under the supposed right to tax. You are not deity. I don’t worship you’re religion of Government.

These people who cheer today believe equality, freedom and rights flow down from government. I understand government to be force. I’ve encouraged both the Christian and Atheist, the Homosexual and Straight, men and women of all backgrounds and religions to take back what is Rightfully ours and stop running to a pretend authority called Government to grant them a wish.

As long as we look to the human beings who rule us for approval, they assume the power to answer by way of laws. Every man-made law is a threat. A threat that if you do not comply will bring you face to face with the barrel of a gun.

Homosexuals, you think you’re free to marry now. What you don’t realize. What no one seems to realize is that you’ve always been free to live and be and declare whatever you want outside of the shackles which accompany the delusion of supreme authority in government.

Christians who honor these men and women of government as deity, don’t cry to me. You sacrificed your Right to be free to live according to you’re definition of marriage when you applauded DOMA. Couldn’t you see that you gave the authority to define marriage away to mere men. For what? To soak up the tax breaks. To enjoy financial benefits? The pendulum of Government’s force has shifted away from you and now that power you once admired is a knife to your throat.

It’s time to stand for Liberty and turn the other cheek rather than co-opting the force of men in government to force others to comply to you own moral code. Only when individual Liberty is maximized and Government control is minimized or abolished can you enjoy the Freedom bestowed on you by God.

All those out there who think they’re more free today than before because SCOTUS ruled that you too should be eligible for the grace of the master’s in DC. Enjoy it now. It is always short lived. So long as you worship the God of Government and give away your Natural Rights to other HUMAN BEINGS, you will, I promise you, be the target of government force at some point again in the future because rather than choose to take back the authority to get married your way, you  sacrificed it for government’s perks.


2 thoughts on “The Homosexual’s Delusion of Freedom

  1. God bestowed marriage because he did not want human to struggle alone. That’s also recorded in Genesis and quite important, perhaps more important than Adam and Eve.

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