Elusive Truth

Have you ever believed a statement to be truth and then later changed your mind completely? Truth has a way of shifting under us like that. Just because we believe a proposition to be true has no bearing on whether or not it actually is truth. In that capacity, truth is beyond the reach of man. That doesn’t mean that we don’t discover truth. It jut means we can’t make truth no matter how sophisticated the science, the logic, or the mathematics. What is truth will always be true and what is not will always be false.

So where does truth come from if we can’t create it or change it? Where does the feeling that we’ve discovered truth come from? Why do we believe one assertion and not another? Maybe it’s first hand experience that gives us confidence regarding some truths. We tend to believe what we see.  But what about ascertaining truth in assertions which cannot be be solved by sight, or any sense for that matter.  In these cases there is logic and faith that guide us.

The question of God for example. Is there a God? Did he create the earth and us? The assertion that there is a God is either True of False. Whichever way you lean on the matter, one thing seems certain to me. The truth of the matter is fixed. It’s out there and it’s not going to change no matter how I feel or you feel about it. I believe some day truth will be revealed, till then, I’ll keep seeking it.


One thought on “Elusive Truth

  1. If you find the answer, tell me.
    But before you start the chase, it would be important to know what you are looking for. Start by asking yourself what god is.

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