Humanity-hating, climate alarmists ready to pollute the hell out of the atmosphere

Climate change alarmist hijacked the conservation movement and now, in the name of saving the earth, they’re prepared to pollute the hell out of it. They call it Geoengineering.

“The scientists who led the NRC study broke the topic down into two parts. It was a clever way to distinguish geoengineering technologies that might address the core of the problem but are expensive and immature—pulling carbon out of the atmosphere and oceans, for instance—from those that might wreak more havoc than they’re worth. Think Snowpiercer.

The expensive-and-immature approaches range from dramatic reforestation to capturing carbon dioxide from biomass power plants and channeling it underground forever and on to sucking CO2 out of the air directly with machines that have barely been invented.

The potentially havoc-wreaking actions in the companion report include actively reducing the amount of sunlight hitting earth by spraying the skies with the reflective chemicals that we spent the last 40 years trying to clean up because they can lead to acid rain.”

“Geoengineering has provided a shock of fresh air to climate debates in recent years because it’s complicated, and that means it has initially resisted being deformed into either political party’s talking points. It’s a question fraught with moral, political, and scientific uncertainties.

Which country should geoengineer? When and how much? Would these just be cosmetic changes while the climate problem worsens underneath? What of foreseeable unforeseen consequences?”

Reminds me of something I wrote in 2012:

If negative global climate change is caused by man then man could conceivably have the power to alter climate to his liking.

Of course that would require men (or at least a man) who knows what temperature is best at any given point in time at every point on earth. To know that would require an infinite knowledge of the world and space around us as well as the ability to see what the future holds.

Once it was determined what changes were required to obtain the optimal state of the climate, of all the possible states – the force of a global authority – more powerful than any earthy ruler before would be required to move all of society as a single unit toward a single climate goal. Such a legion of super rulers would need to control every facet of production and consumption globally (for our own good of course). A socialist utopia of sorts.

All kinds of drastic steps – like eugenics – may seem like positive and proactive steps to someone who believed in a looming planetary disaster.

However, if climate change follows natural cyclical patterns which have nothing to do with the behavior of men, then the wise man would view the hysteria surrounding man-made climate change as nothing more than a scheme of a small portion of the political elite to control and subdue mankind under a one world government.


The Atmosphere does not “Pile Heat”

Climate of Sophistry

What is Insulation, And what Does it Do?

People (well, the climate alarmists) don’t seem to understand what “insulation” is. They think that it means that it makes heat “pile up” inside the source of heat, or in the medium between the insulation and source of heat, so that the source of heat and/or the medium will get hotter than the source of heat and power input.

There is no such thing as “heat pile up”. This is a non-existent concept. You can think of it, like you can think of a unicorn, but it doesn’t exist.  Heat does not pile up, it readily and freely flows into whatever is around it.

Insulation is something that only works in a gaseous environment – it is all about a gaseous environment. Insulation, a blanket, a greenhouse, all work the same way, and that way is preventing convective cooling and air circulation…

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