You’ve Been Robbed

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Wow Right!

Imagine that one day a there is a knock at your door. When you open it, an armed man you’ve never seen before informs you that he works for people to whom you owe money…and he’s there to collect.

You remember receiving letters in the mail with bold red lettering that read LAST NOTICE: OVERDUE. You’d been paying your bills on time so you never paid much attention. But now a man, not a letter, stands in front of you demanding money.

His demeanor and tone make it abundantly clear that your compliance is not optional. Your options are clear. Do as he says or try to defend yourself and possibly end up dead. To avoid any bodily harm you agree to give him the money.

You’ve just been robbed.

The money taken from you, your told, is used to pay for services that benefit you, like protection from others who might rob you. It dawns on you that the men who sent this thug to take your hard earned money use a portion of it to pay him so that he’ll continue to follow their orders.

The protection they claim you pay for, as it turns out is a sham as well. They’ve stated outright that you’re not guaranteed any protection at all. You can call them but it’s up to them if they ever come. If they don’t perform the services that they force you to pay for to your liking – or at all – you have no option but to continue to hand over your money. Fail to comply and you’ll be put in a cage. Try and defend yourself from further theft and arrest and you’ll be killed.

I’ve seen inside the mind of a cop…

Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

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Taxation is Theft. Cops are Goons.