Government Protects Aggressors from Society

Chicago: Gun-Free Murder

The government controls nearly everything yet people still buy and sell drugs, create kiddie porn, and quite regularly kill one another. Yet the excuse for government control is to suppress such behavior within society. Either government is completely ineffective at controlling people who do these things or the number of people relative to the total population who engage in such vile behavior would remain more-or-less a constant whether or not government exists. Of course they’d have us believe that things would be much worse – more drugs, more child porn, more killing – if government ceased to exist. It just seems odd that no matter how much NSA spying, no matter how many police on the streets, no matter how many rules and regulations, people still manage to do bad things. The State will never change that.

Until the time when people are truly free to use justified force against all forms of aggression, it will thrive.


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