Surprise! Government Can’t Run a Business.


The Obamacare website is a piece of crap. It’s over 500 million lines of code and cost the US taxpayers roughly 600 million dollars so far. Who knows how much more it will cost to rewrite the estimated 20% which experts say needs to be rewritten from the ground up. What a joke!

Even if the website were flawless, Obamacare is still a horrible idea from an economic point of view. Anyone who knows anything about how the world works, understands that even a perfect website can’t save the people from the unavoidable consequences of this monstrously empirical piece of legislation. The fact that the website is such a mess certainly reenforces, in my mind, just how wasteful, and inept government is. I hope Obama is coming face to face with the reality that just because he says it should be so, doesn’t get the job done. With all his power and money, he can’t build a stinking website. Pathetic!

The marketplace is a living, breathing organism, the complexities of which cannot be matched by even the most consolidated power and central planning. The sooner we realize where prosperity comes from (freedom) the sooner we’ll be able to think clearly and critically of these well-to-do government programs that cannot help but reallocate scarce capital and resources away from the most critical needs of society. They can’t help it because they can’t possibly spend your money in a way that will meet your needs better than you. They can’t possibly utilize your property in a more frugal manor than you can. Government is waste. Government is force. Personal preference is negated in favor of the kings decree and every time the result will be the same. People’s needs increase and we’re told from on high that the solution is more government. Nothing could be further from the truth. Even Obama can’t escape the laws of economics. A 600 million dollar website that doesn’t work is just the beginning. They’re more than happy to spend our money till the cows come home to prove to us they are right. We must put a stop to it. They are people – human beings – who leach of the productive portion of society. There is not person alive who has a Right to do these things. It is immoral and should not be tolerated.

What is becoming clear to so many is that government is incapable of doing what the markets do everyday to produce the things we really need. The markets do everything faster, smoother, and at far less cost. No doubt, there are hundreds of web development companies across the US who could have built a working version of this site for less than 600 million dollars. Truth be told no person would likely have spent that much on a website unless they, like government, could simply take or make the money to throw at whatever coca-meme scheme they come up with. A real risk of failure stems off bad investment. Government feels no such risk, It will gladly spend a billion dollars of someone elses money on a sub par product. We’re the ones who take the hit.

It’s not that people in government are not as skilled or as hard working as people in the private sector, though that certainly could be the case as well, that makes the government incapable of running a business. It’s simply that a government in every way shape and form is counter to a free market. This for the simple fact that there is nothing of value that government produces by demand, and every single thing government hands out to one group or another, they had to first take from others.


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