Inarticulate Republicans

Bipartisan Congressional leadership meeting Fe...I could not agree more with Thomas Sowell’s latest article over at entitled Inarticulate Republicans. Here are a few highlights of the article. Read the full article at the link below.

If the continued existence of mathematics depended on the ability of the Republicans to defend the proposition that two plus two equals four, that would probably mean the end of mathematics and of all the things that require mathematics.

We are in the midst of a national crisis, immediately affecting millions of Americans and potentially affecting the kind of country this will become if ObamaCare goes into effect — and yet, Speaker Boehner couldn’t be bothered to prepare a statement that would help clarify a confused situation, full of fallacies and lies.

You might think that the stakes are high enough for Republicans to put in some serious time trying to clarify their message.

As the great economist Alfred Marshall once said, facts do not speak for themselves. If we are waiting for the Republicans to do the speaking, the country is in big trouble.

Democrats, by contrast, are all talk. They could sell refrigerators to Eskimos before Republicans could sell them blankets.
Indeed, Democrats sold Barack Obama to the American public, which is an even more amazing feat, considering his complete lack of relevant experience and questionable (at best) loyalty to the values and institutions of this country.

So, why is it that Republican’s have such a hard time expressing their positions?

IMO, this is due to the fact that they find themselves having to explain the indirect consequences of policies that are being sold entirely on the direct benefits they will have to a portion of the population. It’s always more difficult to convince someone who is economically illiterate that a policy is bad based on negative side effects when the perceived immediate benefit seems so obvious.

ObamaCare will not ensure the poor have access to medical treatment. The program will drive up prices and drive people from the medical field and make getting medical treatment more difficult for everyone except the most well-to-do and well-connected individuals in society. The stated goals of Obamacare will not be achieved. It will have the opposite effect – like nearly all government intervention in the market. Find out why at the link below.

Why ObamaCare Will Fail: A Reading List


2 thoughts on “Inarticulate Republicans

  1. Perhaps it’s because they can’t actually admit what’s actually going on inside the Republican caucus – that the entire party has been held hostage by tea party activists who control their primaries and thus hold at least half their congressmen and senators hostage.

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