Closing In: The IRS Scandal Moves to Within One Step of Obama

The Conservative Mind

Obama with Nixon

The Nixon White House was known for many things, one of which was the misuse of the IRS for political purposes. A charge that made it onto the articles of impeachment drawn up against him. Nixon was not the first to weaponize federal agencies for political purposes, nor does it seem he was the last. The Obama Administration has done much the same and while the President himself has not been implicated, his surrogates have.

Most people are aware by now that IRS targeted conservative groups for extra scrutiny in the months leading up to the 2010 and 2012 elections. Asking them to fill out long drawn out questionnaires for the sole purpose of intimidation and delaying approvals of tax exempt status. The actions had the effect of shutting down voices the administration just as soon not be heard.  While these actions were deplorable the full extent of IRS political…

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