Former Global Warming Supporter Now Shows Data that Refutes It

In his testimony August 1 before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, climate scientist John Christy revealed the results of his latest work…“since 1960, there have been more all-time cold records set than hot records in each decade.”

When critics noted that there are only 50 states with this data — a possibly statistically insignificant number from which to draw such conclusions — Christy then looked at “the year-by-year numbers of daily all-time record high temperatures from a set of 970 weather stations with at least 80 years of record,” and found that additional data not only confirmed his original conclusion, but expanded it: There were several years with more than 6,000 record-setting highs before 1940, but no years with over 5,000 record highs after 1954.

He then went on to explain that since tracking temperature change is a long-term proposition, he created 10-year moving averages of temperatures recorded from 704 stations that had at least 100 years of data. The result? Average high temperatures have dropped significantly since the 1930s, with averages running at about half of those recorded back then.

via Former Global Warming Supporter Now Shows Data that Refutes It.

Despite evidence to the contrary, many people, even those in government, stand by the faulty science of man-made global warming – demanding that only government regulation of carbon emissions can save mankind from the looming planetary disaster.

I always ask two questions when discussing man-made climate change.

1. “If man is responsible for swings in global climate, what did man do to bring about the “little ice-age?”
2. “Who wants to explain why the climate on Mars changes over time?”

In my mind it couldn’t be clearer. Man-made climate change is the manufactured global crisis meant to consolidate power and control the masses. Much like the lies regarding weapons of mass destruction tricked America into 12 years of war, massive losses of individual liberty, increased NSA spying, and unfathomable debt, global warming is the alarm bell to usher in the global authority. Of course it’s for our own good.


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