9-11 Off The Record

Today, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is testifying about the 9-11 Benghazi attack. I can’t help but remember when President Bush and Vice President Cheney were called to testify about 9-11 and they insisted on testifying together, not under oath. There was to be no recording made of the session nor a stenographer in the room.

“The president dismissed suggestions that he appeared before the panel with Cheney to coordinate stories. “If we had something to hide, we wouldn’t have met with them in the first place.”

Interestingly he didn’t want to testify…

“The administration initially opposed the creation of the commission. The White House relented amid pressure from some 9/11 family members and it later backed down from its opposition to an extension of time for the commission.”

Amount spent on investigating the Monica Lewinsky scandal – $30 million.
Amount authorized for the 9/11 Commission – $15 million

One of many looming questions about 9-11-2001

On 9-11, why weren’t Air Force planes sent up to intercept the hijacked planes? In the year before 9-11, jet fighters were sent up routinely (at least 67 times) whenever any airliner went off course by two miles or by 15 degrees. Usually it only takes 10-12 minutes for jet fighters to go from stationary to 29,000 feet and 1850 mph.

On 9-11, the FAA was notified by a frantic stewardess that the plane was hijacked fully 25 minutes before it crashed into the first tower.

The second plane, which crashed 15 minutes later and which was known to be hijacked 20 minutes before it crashed.

The plane that struck the Pentagon was known to be hijacked a full 45 minutes before it crashed – after two other planes had already been hijacked – yet it flew unchallenged over the most protected airspace in the world. The Pentagon has the most advanced radar and air defense in the world, and Andrews Air Force base, which is charged with defending the Pentagon and always has fighter jets on ready alert, lies a mere 11 miles away (1 minute flying time).

Now we have people are crying out for answers about Benghazi – rightfully so. But I say, what about the thousands who died on 9-11-01. Where are the people in Congress who are willing to finally take a hard look at what took place that day. I hate to say it by I think many in the Republican party refused to even consider the possibility of a government coverup when it was a R behind the wheel. But with Democratic leadership they are happy to point fingers and cry fowl over Benghazi because it’s politically to their advantage to so.


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