Gun Control, Gun Control, Gun Control

I’ve been following the gun control debate taking place on Senator Bob Casey’s Facebook page. I’m finding that my Senator’s Facebook page is a great place to get a wide range of ideas on just about any topic under the sun. This is what I had to say.

“I think its obvious we all would rather live in a world where kids are not slaughtered by madmen. Some believe that more laws will help. Some believe more guns will help. Its obvious that laws bind only the upright – criminals by definition are willing to break laws. A murderer will acquire guns and high cap magazines whether they are illegal or not. A person who plans on killing themselves after slaughtering children doesn’t care about the legal repercussions of such an act.

There seems to be little to be gained by further restricting law abiding citizens. In a situation where innocent lives hang in the balance what you want is a good neighbor willing to risk life and limb to save life. Isn’t that just self evident.

Some argue that certain kinds of guns have no practical sporting use and therefore should restricted yet their purpose is evident in the fact that law enforcement officers wield them because they are more effective in subduing a threat. It should also be self evident that if your enemy has more sophisticated weapons than you, you are at a disadvantage.

We as a society are under ever increasing threat that we will be victimized. We cannot compound the danger by passing laws that turn hero’s into victims. The freedom of every individual to take proactive steps to counteract any perceived threat must not be questioned. The greatest source of safety comes not from DC. I promise you Senator Casey will not be there if ever your life is in danger. He cannot prevent bad people from doing bad things to you.

Evil can only be defeated head on in the instant it emerges out of the mind into perceivable action. If you are not equipped to face it in that instant it will prevail. You don’t get a second chance. Freeing good people to do the right thing is the only way to limit crime, save lives and foster a more peaceful society. That is what we all want. Right? It seems like some here are more interested in limiting guns than limiting murders.”


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