My thoughts on man-made global climate change

This is a revised version of a previous post entitled WANTED: Omnipotent ruler to implement global climate change strategy.

How absurd is the man made climate change propaganda! Think about it. If man’s actions and their subsequent impact on earth is sufficient to alter it’s climate, it stands to reason that, at least a portion of the time, we must have done something right – we’re still here. But never have I heard someone discussing the concept of man made global climate change in a positive light. It is always presented as if man’s impact on earth’s climate is entirely negative. However, such a notion does not withstand even the slightest scrutiny simply because, historically, earth’s temperature has fluctuated both up and down. Logic demands that those who blame man for negative climate change aught also be singing man’s praises, for to them, it is man who has collectively averted one catastrophe after another for what they would say has been millions of years. If they are right and climate is effected by man, I say we deserves a pat on the back and a hearty applause for lasting so long without melting or freezing our planet into oblivion. But I don’t expect we’ll be receiving such commendations from the likes of Mr. Al Gore anytime soon.

But I’ll take the bait. Lets say that man is to blame and agree that the less people on earth the better and more stable the climate will be. Lets say that we believe Al Gore and we want to avert a real crisis which is looming just over the horizon. What does the the idea of man-made global climate change really call for? Let’s take it to it’s logical conclusion. Here is the scenario. Mankind is going to be wiped out by changing sea levels, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic explosions, UV rays and tidal waves. The earth is literally on the verge of destruction. What now?

To avert such a crisis we would need men (or at least a man) who knows what temperature is best at any given point in time at every point on earth and precisely what changes are necessary to alter the climate. To know that would require an infinite knowledge of the world and space around us as well as the ability to see what the future holds.

If we were lucky enough to find an omniscient leader, who was capable of determining what changes were required to obtain the optimal state of the climate, of all the possible states – the force of a global authority – more powerful than any earthy ruler before would be required to move all of society as a single unit toward a single climate goal. Such a legion of super rulers would need to control every facet of production and consumption globally, kill masses of people to bring down the earth’s population, and limit all carbon dioxide emissions to have any hope of saving the planet and mankind. Of course, the people who remained would be total slaves to a ruling elite.

But that’s sort of the point, isn’t it.


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