November 6, 2012, The Day Neoconservatism Died

First let me say that this might just be the best article I’ve read all year. Enjoy!

In the infancy of the campaign to remove President Obama from office, there stood a homogeneous blob of characters to which Americans would assuredly find a savior from the disaster that had become the Obama presidency.

The characters were numerous: Michelle Bachman, a midwestern female firebrand; Rick Santorum, a hardcore bible thumper and Pennsylvanian Catholic; Newt Gingrich, the architect of the ’92 Republican Revolution; Herman Cain, a “grassroots” African-American; Rick Perry, a Texas-style Republican reminiscent of a certain past Commander-In-Chief; John Huntsman, foreign policy expert-by-proxy; and, of course, Mitt Romney, the only hope.

Indeed, with the characters laid in this poorly constructed play, it was time for the Republican base to play their part, find their face, and send their best to the White House.

Unfortunately, they had been given a ruse and they had taken it like the greatest of chumps.

Despite the apparent depth of choice Republican primary voters seemed to face, they saw but the various masks of the same dramatis personae. Behind each visage, behind each rabble-rousing talking point, there stood but one entity gasping for one final breath; hoping for one final hurrah:


And let me be clear by what this word means because it gets thrown around so much that I fear people may forget that it isn’t some vague, incisive label to put upon those we dislike. Neoconservatism is the ideology of Wilsonian perpetual war; of social conservatism a la Rick Santorum; of sacrificing liberty for “safety”; of centralization of power. If you’re lucky, they might pay lip service to fiscal responsibility, but, when it the time comes that it actually govern, fiscal responsibility takes a back seat and statism takes the reigns.

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via November 6, 2012, The Day Neoconservatism Died | Young Americans for Liberty.


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