Attention California Republicans!

Attention California Republicans. You are outnumbered by democrats by over 13%. Your vote is worthless. Obama will take the 55 electoral votes.

Republican = 30.1%
No Party Preference = 20.3%
Other = 5.3%
Democrat = 43.3%

Many of those in “No Preference” and “Other” categories are Ron Paul supporters, disenfranchised Republicans. Joining this write-in movement is the only hope a California Republican has to make their vote count. Help Romney to the White House and defeat Obama – write-in Ron Paul!.

Paul = 56.7% vs. Obama = 43.3%

If you WANT Romney to win the White House; you will WANT to cast a write-in vote for Ron Paul. Take those 55 electoral votes out of Obama’s hands.

In the Cause of Freedom and Liberty, EVERY STATE IS A BATTLEGROUND STATE.

See the attached link for more. I urge all CA Republicans to spread this message…Fast! You know what is at stake.


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