Who created God?

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The question itself is actually a fallacy. It doesn’t make sense. How can God be created? He wouldn’t be God if he was created. God always existed.

How could God always exist? Where did he come from?

Well, if he always existed, he didn’t come from anywhere. He’s always been.

How is that possible?

That’s a fair question. Let’s answer that. There is a general principle that states that either everything came from nothing, which is impossible, or something always existed and created everything that is.

If you’re on the side of logic you’ll agree that nothing can only make nothing so something obviously created everything and whatever created everything obviously always existed.

What has always existed?

Some people will say, maybe the universe always existed. Maybe matter, time and space have always existed. Well, here is the problem with that. To claim something (the universe) is eternal (always existed, always will exist) is to apply properties of infinity to the universe (matter/time/space). This does not hold up to scrutiny.

Time can not be infinite.

Time is the measure of changes in matter. Imagine I told you that I would give you a chocolate bar after you flick a light switch an infinite amount of times. Would I ever give you the chocolate bar? No. You can not flick a light switch an infinite amount of times. You would always have a finite amount of light switch flicks. You can not have an infinite amount of finite things. Time, we know had a beginning because there could not have been an infinite amount of time before right now. That’s simply logical because time is finite. Or, just so you can better get your head around it, there can not be an infinite amount of time between two events? Could I give you something at an event in the future if there is an infinite amount of time between now and then? No. That means there couldn’t have been an infinite amount of time before right now because we never would have reached this moment in time. Therefore time is finite. It had a beginning.

Matter can not be infinite.

Take the nearest object to you. How many times would you have to multiply, divide, add or subtract that object against itself in order to reach infinity? Let’s try it. You start with one object, then two objects, three…four. On and on you could go but you would never reach an infinite amount of matter for the same reason you can’t flip the light switch an infinite amount of times. So that proves there is only a finite amount of matter because you can not have an infinite amount of finite things.

Space can not be infinite.

We know that matter and time are finite which means they had a beginning. They were created. This means space can not be infinite because space is only the measure of the distance between matter and if matter ceased to exist there would be a vacuum. There could be no space. If matter is finite that means space is finite because there is only a finite distance between the two farthest pieces of matter in all of reality.

So We know matter time and space are finite. They’re not infinite therefore they are not eternal. That means they had a beginning.

What created matter, time and space?

Lets figure out the properties of something that exists without matter, time and space.

If you exist without time and time is the measure of change that means you never change. That means there is no past or future. There is only an eternal now.

If you exist without matter that means you are immaterial. You can’t be touched, or smelled, or seen, or tasted. You are not made of matter.

If you exist without space that means you are inspacial or omnipresent. You are everywhere. You’re not bound by spacial restrictions.

We know matter, time and space were created. Only something that exists without matter, time and space could be responsible for creating them. So something that always existed, that is invisible and untouchable, that is everywhere created matter time and space. Eternal, Omnipresent and Immaterial. What does that sound like to you?

The Bible says in Hebrews 13:8, God is the same yesterday and today and forever. He has never changed and he never will. He is God. He is eternal. He has always been.