Sheriff Joe Arpaio press conference

I just watched the entire Sheriff Joe Arpaio press conference which outlined the findings of the investigation into President Obama’s long form birth certificate.

One of the most interesting points they spoke about was that there are several days of missing microfilm. The investigators reached out to the National Archives in order to obtain flight passenger manifests in and out of Hawaii in 1960/61 but that information did not exist. What the NA was able to produce was microfilm INS records of every person coming into the country from overseas. They received records covering a 10 year span of time. Upon inspecting these records, paying close attention to August of 1961, the birth month of the President, they found that the records from the date of August 1st through August 7th had disappeared. Records up to that date and from the 8th on continued on uninterrupted. The National Archives has provided no reason for this missing data.


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