Farmageddon – The truth about the food and dairy industry

This gut wrenching documentary by Kristin Canty exposes the ugly truth about government crackdowns on small farming across the United States. One-size-fits-all laws and regulations subject local family farmers to the same scrutiny as the large, industrial food manufacturers making it nearly impossible to comply and compete. As a result, FDA and armed federal agents perform raids and seizures on small farms across the country, humiliating otherwise upright citizens and destroying their livelihoods in the name of public safety.

But It’s about more than the plight of the farmers. It’s about our right as Americans to choose what we put into our bodies and where we purchase our food. This right is under attack. The government’s increasing tendency is to inject itself between the food consumer and the food producer.

In March of 2010, the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund sued the FDA for it’s prohibition against allowing raw milk to cross state lines. The FDA moved the court to dismiss the case, and in it’s motion stated that…

  • There is No Absolute Right to Consume or Feed Children Any Particular Food
  • There is No Generalized Right to Bodily and Physical Health.


Trouble viewing? Watch it on YouTube.


5 thoughts on “Farmageddon – The truth about the food and dairy industry

  1. My daughter lives in L.A. and says the cips I send her about the abuse of the small farmer are exaggerated or she would have heard about it….very hard to convince her that MSM is a cover-up for the police state we live in.

  2. Funny you mention the difficulty in convincing others of our beliefs, I just had a discussion with my wife about this very topic. In the end, I realized that what I’m attempting to do is convince others to get upset with me. That’s not an easy thing to do, maybe impossible, since people don’t want to be angry. They’d rather stay in their comfort zone than face the truth. Until the big hand of government touches someones life directly they cannot usually bring themselves to pay much attention to what it does to others. Ultimately though your freedom is my freedom. It behooves us all to take a stand against tyranny, even if we are not directly affected ourselves. But you cannot instill passion into another person, they have to find it for themselves.

  3. OK, now when I looked, the arrow is there to start the video….I watched the first two minutes and realized it was the exact situation I had tried to tell my daughter about….It’s so much more compelling coming from the person it actually happened to, so I sent the video to her….THANKS!

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