Massachusetts Liberty Delegates Need Your Help

The Maine Delegates who are fighting to regain their positions after being removed by the State GOP are asking for Liberty supporters everywhere to sign their petition at

In May and June, I wrote about the 17 Maine Delegates who lost their elected positions at the National Convention in August for not returning signed affidavits, stating that they would vote for Mitt Romney on the first round of voting, by the State GOP’s deadline. To be clear, I’ve read all of them did end up signing. This is not standard procedure. No delegates in Maine have ever been told sign such an affidavit. It’s clear what this was about. At the Maine Convention, Paul supporters were elected to 21 of the 24 delegate spots. The affidavit was a clear attempt to strong-arm the Paul supporters into voting for Romney in a state where delegates are not bound at the National Convention. For more background on all that has lead up to this point, see my post entitled “MA GOP Disqualifies 17 State Delegates, who just happen to support Ron Paul.”

The Boston Herald also has a new article about the ousted delegates entitled “Mass. GOP deals dirty.” Author Michael Graham says, “I have seen the future of the Republican Party in Massachusetts — and he’s an 18-year-old kid who just got screwed by Mitt Romney.” Read the entire article.

UPDATE July 9, 2012

Previously I wrote that Massachusetts delegates are not bound by the popular vote, but in recent readings I’ve discovered they are/were. I believe the way it works in MA is that some delegates are bound and others are not.

A recent post at the stated:

Due to the results of the state primary, all the delegates were bound to Romney on the first ballot of the National Convention, but the Liberty delegates still wanted to go in order influence the party and spread the message of liberty. The party rules do state that after being elected at the caucuses, the delegates have to be certified by the candidate who they are bound to, but it also says that the candidate must have “just cause” to throw them out, and the decision must be upheld by the Allocation Committee. The state party used this vague rule to setup arbitrary and unprecedented requirements of the delegates, including a poorly worded affidavit that everyone was required to sign. The affidavit required the delegates to swear under penalty of perjury, that they would indeed vote for Mitt Romney on the first ballot of the convention. However, at the caucuses the delegates had already publically agreed to uphold state law and vote for Mitt Romney on the first ballot at the national convention. Yet the state party still took the unprecedented step of requiring the signed affidavits, and gave very little time for the delegates to review the document and return it by their arbitrary deadline. In addition, the affidavit contained several material defects. Many delegates tried to still comply with the demand by returning a slightly edited version which tried to correct the the errors and make the affidavit clearer. However, even though the affidavit was an arbitrary hurdle, never used before, and not in the rules, the state party refused to accept anything but their poorly worded version, by their short deadline.

Ben Swann has also weighed in on the situation:

The article at the continues…

This seems to be a clear message from leadership within the Romney campaign and the Massachusetts Republican establishment that they do not want or care about your vote in November, or your presence in the party. So we need your help to send them a message.

How you can help:

The Republican establishment, and the Romney campaign need to hear from us. Here’s 3 actions you can take.

1) Sign the petition to restore the duly elected delegates and count the provisional ballots:…

2) Contact leadership of State Party and Romney Campaign. Just go here where you can find email addresses to contact the following individuals:

The MA GOP Chairman – Bob Maginn

The National Committeeman from MA – Ron Kaufman

The Chair of the Allocation Committee – Ed McGrath

The head of the Romney Campaign in MA – Brad Jones

3) Contact you members of the MA GOP state committee. Go here where you can find their info.

Let them know that you disapprove of how the party has refused to certify so many duly elected delegates over minor technicalities that are not in the rules. As well as refusing to count the provisional ballots. You can get more info here: The ONLY way that these Republican Party leaders will realize that they need to move towards Liberty is if YOU let them know. Otherwise, they will pretend it is business as usual, and ignore the activists that are promoting Liberty principles.

This fight will continue, and the duly elected delegates that have been thrown out will go all the way to the convention in Tampa in order to formally appeal being de-certified. In addition, a letter has been sent to the MassGOP telling them that there is a state lawsuit being filed for election fraud and asking for an injunction from seating the delegates. Still, these liberty delegates could definitely use your help to apply pressure to the right people. Some in the leadership of the MassGOP already support us, so please remember that and be careful to not offend allies. For those that may oppose us, or are neutral, those are people we want to win over. It is good to be direct and adamant about your position, and explain that their actions are alienating potential supporters and causing them to loose credibility, but name calling and rudeness will not help the cause.


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