Cleaning Up After the Elephants (and Donkeys)

Sheldon Richman writes,

I detect a pattern in the challenges hurled at (genuine, or classical) liberals on nearly every issue. The opponent of liberalism (the statist) describes a problem, invariably with roots in a government infringement of freedom. In response, he prescribes more government interference with freedom, at which point the liberal interjects that the best and only just solution is the repeal of the culpable state power. The statist replies that this will not do because the liberal’s proposal won’t solve every related problem and may even reveal hitherto overlooked problems. Undo still more government action, the liberal replies. But this brings the same criticism.

Here’s what’s going on. Read more.

via Cleaning Up After the Elephants (and Donkeys) | The Freeman | Ideas On Liberty.


One thought on “Cleaning Up After the Elephants (and Donkeys)

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