16 thoughts on “Did you ever notice that the stars on the Republican logo are upside down? They didn’t used to be.

  1. I don’t believe everything I read. I look for evidence. Can you produce evidence to the contrary? The upside down star logo is now being shown on MSNBC and other news outlets.

  2. Accept Jesus in your heart and do a little investigating and you will figure out the truth about the symbol

  3. All you have to know is ancient occult symbolism and the truth about Skull & Bones, as well as the truth about the entirely Nazi family of the George Bush’s. When GWB was elected in 2000, the stars turned upside down. Nixon was also anti-consciousness/anti-Christ.

    The pentagram star represents-
    4 lower points:

    The top peak is CONSCIOUSNESS. The pentagram represents the human being. It’s all about energy direction.

    The Bush family’s real last name is Scherff. They originated in Germany before the Holocaust. Prescott Bush SCHERFF was Nikola Tesla’s secretary. George H. W. Bush SCHERFF, Prescott’s son, used to rummage through Tesla’s lab and steal things including research papers. Tesla nicknamed him, Curious George, which is where the monkey character originated. It was Prescott Bush who killed Tesla, according to research I’ve seen.

    BTW…It was GHWB who killed JFK and GWB who killed JFK Jr. Google it. Killing and world domination is their family business.

    Tesla wanted to bring good things to this planet but the Scherff/Bush family was all about world domination. They are of Roman empire ancestry. They took Tesla’s research and weaponized it.

    During the Holocaust, sodium fluoride was put in the concentration camp prisoners’ water, and probably food, in order to calcify the pineal gland. The pineal gland is located in the center of your brain. It is a transmitter/receiver for communication with God. If it becomes damaged, calcified, it loses it’s ability to function correctly. You lose your intuition and your ability to transmit accurately. It basically screws with your mind and you become docile…disconnected…apathetic.

    The added benefit to the powers that be that run the government is that a damaged pineal gland makes excellent soldiers who are disconnected enough to be able to kill other human beings for the powers that be in taking resources from people. Greed is the only thing that they are about. They’re sick and need help.

    The scientists who experimented on the concentration camp prisoners were brought to America under Operation Paperclip. They began to implement what they learned in their experimentation on the prisoners in addition to Tesla’s technology. We now have HAARP and chemtrails as part of the weaponized war on WE THE PEOPLE.

    They want everyone to stay asleep and to not care what they do. They knew that the age of Aquarius was coming a long time ago because astrology is the only true religion/science. They are deep into it. The age of Aquarius is about the awakening of dormant consciousness…all those dormant cells in your brain that constitute approximately 90%+ of your unused/right side of your brain. They want consciousness to stay asleep…to keep it DOWN…point down.

    Marvel Comics is doing an outstanding job in helping people wake up to their inner power and their inner connection to God which is within each of us. Inside your skull/golgotha/calvary is the holy grail…the fountain of youth…where you communicate with God…the mass consciousness…the Akashic Record. Meditation is the key to accessing God consciousness which brings healing to the body by regenerating cells. This is done by raising up the “Jesus”/the “fish” oily substance known as the Christos up the spine/river Jordan to the pineal and pituitary glands. If your receiver is damaged, your communication will be minimal if at all.

    In addition to the sodium fluoride being dumped in public water supplies, tons and tons of aluminum is contained in the chemtrail sprays that they are spraying all over the planet. Sodium fluoride is a byproduct of the processing of aluminum. It is not to be confused with calcium fluoride which is a naturally occurring mineral that actually is good for your teeth and bones among other parts of your body.

    Herbs such as cannabis and cilantro are pineal gland detoxers. This is why they do not want us to have them. Some states have actually banned the growing of your own herbs. I think North Carolina maybe one of them.

    It’s all about consciousness and keeping as many people from accessing it as possible. Period. The whole patent issue is about them accessing knowledge and profiting from it and keeping WE THE PEOPLE from the benefits of accessing and creating ourselves.


  4. If you combine the right-side up star with an upside-down star you get the star of David. So you can say both parties are out of the same star.

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