I love it when people care so much about my well being that they feel obligated to push congress to pass a law to protect me from myself.

When the taxpayer is on the hook for healthcare, it won’t be long till we are all pitted against one another. “A” certainly won’t want to let “B” do something that “A” deems unnecessarily risky since A has to help pay for B’s riskiness when things go wrong. “A” will demand the state stop “B” from mountain climbing or playing football or eating cheese fries. How long till only certified, licensed government workers will be allowed, by law, to perform risky tasks such as mowing the lawn or climbing ladders?

I can hear the news report now. “The house passed a bill today that will restrict the use of lawn mowers to only those who have been certified by the state to do so. The bill is expected to save taxpayers nearly $2 million dollars per year by curbing the costs treatment for lawn mower related injuries.”


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