The American people are fed up with the TSA

U.S. Congressman Paul Broun, M.D. (GA-10), a Member of the House Committee on Homeland Security, today sent a letter to Chairman Peter King requesting a formal hearing to investigate the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) failings in light of recent security breaches and personnel issues at airports across the country. The is the second time that Broun has requested Committee action to investigate reports of misconduct, unprofessionalism, and corruption by TSA officers.

Broun said, “The American people are fed up with the TSA, and it’s about time we show our nation’s passengers that their safety is of the utmost importance to Congress. In the past month alone, we’ve heard horror stories about the overzealous pat-down of a four-year old child, an officer making a mother prove her breast-pump was real, and agents at Los Angeles airport accepting bribes to turn a blind eye to illicit drugs passing through screening. At the same time, TSA has now told airport officials at Georgia’s own Hartsfield-Jackson International that they aren’t able to keep up with employee background checks. I refuse to just stand by idly and let this happen until it’s too late. We cannot play with fire when it comes to the safe keeping of our travelers – I respectfully urge Chairman King to hold a hearing on this matter as soon as possible.”


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