Surprise! Romney has his own Solyndra. Konarka solar panel firm files for bankruptcy

In case you are still struggling to find ways to justify your belief that Romney presents a substantive change over Obama, here is yet more evidence to the contrary.  Seems both Romney and Obama like to gamble with tax payer money.

A solar-panel manufacturer that received $1.5 million in state loans during Mitt Romney’s tenure as Massachusetts governor has filed for bankruptcy.

Republicans have frequently criticized the Solyndra episode as a waste of taxpayer money and an example of what they describe as the Obama administration’s “crony capitalism.”

But the failure of Konarka would appear to leave Romney vulnerable to criticism that he, too, supported government “picking winners and losers” in private industry.

The Obama campaign was quick to seize on the news of Konarka’s bankruptcy, arguing that it represents “a new example of Mitt Romney’s hypocrisy.”

via Romney-backed Konarka solar panel firm files for bankruptcy – The Washington Post.

As I stated in a previous article, “Romney’s record renders GOP’s best offensive strategies against Obama useless” the GOP has the ammunition it needs to make sure that Obama is a one term president. The problem is they picked the wrong man to deliver the arguments.


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