More media lies on the GOP delegate numbers

Texas held it’s primaries today. In the last hour I’ve heard multiple reports that, with a win in Texas, Romney will have the 1144 delegates needed to secure the GOP nomination. Everywhere I turn, the radio, the TV, Romney, Romney Romney…Blah, Blah Blah.

The truth is that Romney is nowhere close to 1144 delegates. THEY ARE LYING. Either that or they just don’t understand how the nomination process works. In either scenario, they shouldn’t be trusted.

The state primaries and caucuses are just polls. They are not the vote that determines the delegates that will choose the candidate in August at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Yes, some states bind their delegates to the poll winners proportionately. Yes, some  states bind all delegates to the poll winner.  But there is good evidence that suggest that even these attempts by the states to control the votes their delegates cast at the Tampa Convention are not enforced by the RNC. What does that mean? Well, it means that even bound delegates can vote their conscious on the first round of voting. Many don’t believe that but the rules are pretty clear. Even if this is not the case the option to not vote is always a possibility.

Ben Swann recently did a Reality Check on this topic.

I hope you’re starting to see just how difficult predicting who will win the GOP nomination really is. Yet the media has been certain for months that Romney will face Obama. If you’re not paying attention, you’re being duped.

There is a website, that has a tally of all the delegates that have been officially awarded so far.

According to this site, as of today the real delegate numbers go something like this.

Romney: 591

Paul: 186

Santorum: 146

Gingrich: 66

Delegates Outstanding: 1297
These delegates will be awarded at state conventions that have not yet occurred.

The Real Delegate Count has this to say regarding why they felt the need to start the site.

The mainstream media is simply not accurately covering the race for delegates in the Republican contest for President.  In fact, if you watch network news you would believe that the Republican contest is over.  It is not.

At this site we are committed to covering the Republican race for delegates by explaining which candidates have committed delegates in which states. We do not “guess” on how many delegates candidates have. We track the results of state conventions where actual delegates are awarded and we report those results without bias or favor.

The Real Delegate Count

So why doesn’t the media give us the real numbers? Why is that they want to have a Mitt Romney president so badly that they blatantly report falsely in his favor? I’ll let you answer that for yourself.


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