OMG, I think I’m Mental!

Could this be the first virus that is communicable from computer to human host? I was simply reading some news when I started to learn about this guy named Ron Paul, M.D.. Is it possible that a medical doctor is actually making people sick? I know he cured my apathy but did he give me ODD too?

I think the only shrink I know has it too. Perhaps I need a second opinion. Apparently Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) is a condition defined as an ongoing pattern of disobedience, hostile, and defiant behavior. I have all the symptoms. Questioning authority: check. Negativity: check. Defiance: check. Argumentativeness: check. Being easily annoyed: check.

It could be a pandemic as every political event I’ve attended in the past 10 years is overrun by people suffering the same affliction. The degrees vary. Ron Paul supporters seem to be the most heavily afflicted. Democrats seem to have some resistance to some symptoms like questioning authority; that seems to be a new trend, however, as they were particularly susceptible to that symptom four years ago. Romney’s supporters enjoy periods of remission; they are short lived though, just watch their reaction when approached by a Ron Paul supporter carrying a copy of Robert’s Rules of Order. That simple act will elicit all their symptoms at once and in their most agitated state.

via OMG, I think I’m Mental! — Green Dragon Tavern.


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