Big day in OK for Ron Paul’s “Parking Lot” Delegates

You may remember, on May 12th, the OK Republican State Convention ended in the parking lot after the meeting was improperly adjourned before any voting had taken place to decide what delegates would represent the state at the National Convention in August.

As I type, Those “Parking Lot Delegates” meeting at the Oklahoma State Republican Headquarters.

The Daily Paul reports…

The purpose of the event, (meeting), is for each delegate/alternate from districts and with “At Large” status, to choose which candidate they will be bound to. Committee assignments will be made as well.

Main speakers and presenters will include Lukus Collins and Steve Dickson.

The national delegates/alternates from the “Parking Lot Convention” will be in attendance as they will press the issue of the legitimacy of the continuation of the convention in the “Parking Lot” and the selection of delegates and alternates there.

There has been some confusion and frustration by some viewing the proceedings on USTREAM. It seems that the Ron Paul delegates, at least some of them were quarantined in a room away from the “Official Meeting”. The Delegates on the ground in OK, seem to be remaining calm and have already taken care of the business of binding their delegates. I believe at some point soon they will be joining the rest of the Delegates to continue business.

It’s unclear why they separated these particular delegates but, God willing, they will cement their right to vote in Tampa come August.

The proceedings have been intermittently streaming here: if you’re interested in watching this historic activity unfold.


Suriyahfish just posted on USTREAM that the the meeting is officially over. It’s unclear what actually happened.

I just found out what is going on over at the Daily Paul.

There were two meeting at the Oklahoma State GOP Headquarters offices.

The Parking Lot delegation was NOT allowed to attend the “private meeting” of the GOP hosted delegates, (those elected on the floor of the convention). Proceedings in the “close GOP” meeting were to “bind” district level and At Large delegates to candidates.

Delegates were bound by the “GOP” to Romney, Santorum and Gingrich according to the “Primary”, (beauty contest vote), in their closed meeting. The GOP closed meeting functioned in part via a telephone conferencing call, where delegates not in attendance used the conference call system to vote, even though they were absent from the meeting and were not “credentialed” for that meeting.

Meanwhile, in a separate room, provided by the GOP to the “Parking Lot Delegation”, the PLD proceeded to bind THEIR delegates to candidates via a roll call and proper parliamentary procedure.

The GOP closed meeting adjourned and the PLD are now moving outside to the Parking Lot where we are hoping for a WRAP-UP of the event from SURIYAHFISH.

So it would seem that Paul’s Delegates were shafted, pushed out of the meetings while Romney delegates voted illegally.


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