Oklahoma Republican Convention wrapped up in parking lot

Today Oklahoma held their Republican State Convention. The primary purpose of these conventions is to elect the delegates that will represent the state at the National Convention in Florida just a few months away. Earlier this afternoon the convention chair attempted to adjourn the convention without 2/3 vote before any delegates where voted on. So the convention moved to the parking lot at which point most of the Santorum and Romney delegates left. Of course the Ron Paul delegates did not.

A similar situation occurred at the St. Charles, MO caucus in March. You may recall that cops were called and 1 man,  Brent Stafford, was arrested for trespassing. You may also remember that a few weeks later, at the convention do-over, Brent was elected as the convention chair and most, if not all, the delegates went to Ron Paul.

In Oklahoma, cops did not come. The convention was wrapped up in the parking lot just a little while ago. There is speculation about whether or not Romney will contest the outcome, which he surely will, but it seems, at least for now, that Ron Paul has won Oklahoma.

News from the parking lot…

“All of the Romney (and Santorum) delegates have left, and now we are going to legally win Oklahoma and send 40 or more delegates to Tampa. 370 delegates present in the parking lot, about 98% or more are for Paul.”

“Convention was improperly adjourned without 2/3 vote (like in St Charles), they moved outside, cops haven’t intervened yet. They invalidated prior votes due to not having certified roll call. We have our own chair, officers, and are about to vote on delegate slates”

“A motion on the floor to reject all prior business done at the convention due to lack of properly certified credentials report (as amended in the convention)…it just carried!”

To show their support for the folks on the ground in OK who fought a hard fight for liberty today, members at the Daily Paul all pitched in and had pizza delivered for the over 600 people in the parking lot. Now that’s grassroots at is finest.


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