Ron Paul draws 5,600 to final of three campaign events in California this week (with PICS)

Sussex County Angel

On Friday, thousands in California gathered to see Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul speak.  The 12-term congressman from Texas had announced his campaign team would be returning to California for private fundraisers, media interviews, and town hall events.  This is the final of the three scheduled town hall meetings.  Dr. Paul’s previous campaign events in California this week included two back-to-back crowds of thousands.  On Wednesday, 4,000 gatheredto see Ron Paul speak and on Thursday over 5,000 filled a stadium to see the presidential candidate.

 The UC – San Diego event with 5,600-plus people was the third of three such events the 12-term Congressman from Texas held in the Golden State this week.  On Wednesday Ron Paul drew a remarkable 4,000-plus crowd to Cal State – Fullerton, and last night Dr. Paul drew 5,000-plus people to UC – Davis.
Ron Paul’s town hall meeting at UC – San…

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