Ron Paul draws 5,000 supporters to second campaign event in California this week (with pictures)

Sussex County Angel

On Thursday, thousands in California gathered to see Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul speak.  The 12-term congressman from Texas had announced a few days prior that his campaign team would be returning to California for private fundraisers, media interviews, and town hall events.  Dr. Paul’s previous campaign events in California included a record-breaking event in which over 8,500 supporters gathered to see the presidential candidate speak.

Katherine Jarvis was at the event and covered Ron Paul’s speech via Twitter.  Ron Paul first stated he was an avid bicycler and was pleased to see so many bicycles around the campus.  After the crowd laughed, Paul discussed his plan to repeal the Patriot Act and bring back privacy to the people.  Paul stated there should never be a time when free people sacrifice liberty for safety (referencing the TSA).  Ron Paul finished his speech discussing his Plan to Restore America.

2012 Republican…

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