What is the truth? Am I crazy? What is not to love about liberty?

Geneva Sands posted an article at thehill.com today where she reminisced on GOP Candidates who have fallen by the wayside over the past several months. Although Ron Paul is still a serious candidate with enough delegates to be on the Republican Nation Convention ballot in August and plenty of cash on hand to get him there, Geneva had this to say about Dr. Paul’s campaign.

“Paul has remained in the race, despite his diminishing relevance in the contest and a low delegate count.”

via They came, they campaigned, they exited: 2012 GOP presidential contenders – The Hill’s Video.

I’m so sick and tired of this propaganda. How many people out there are totally in the dark about what is happening all around this country because all they see and hear is what the status quo Republicans and main stream media puts in their heads.

See the real delegate count.

Am I the one who is crazy? Sometimes I don’t know.

I keep waiting for that moment when the reality that Ron Paul can win hits the media and the neocons square in the face. I keep waiting for something to happen, so undeniably potent, in the liberty movement that no one will be able to deny the swell of this grassroots movement for liberty and limited government. I can’t wait till people like my Dad, who said months ago, “Paul will never get the GOP nomination”, are forced to take a second look at what he’s all about.

Once someone becomes convinced that liberty has the power to bring about real, positive change in our society, it leaves them wondering why everyone else isn’t just as swept of their feet by the idea of being free.


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