Lies, Lies, and Shenanigans from the Romneyites

I heard a lady tonight on my local public radio station spouting off the checklist of things that make Obama superior to Romney. I’m not a fan of  Romney by any means but it was all I could do to keep my cool. Seriously, if you’re not on your toes, these people will lie straight to your face and you’ll never know it. She went on and on about how the economy has created xx million jobs. It’s just not true. The job numbers are a total sham. The unemployment numbers are a total sham. The truth is the unemployment rate dropped to 8.2% for one simple reason: the number of people not in the labor force is back to all time highs: 87,897,000. She sounded pretty convincing. I just wince at the thought of the general listening audience taking this garbage hook-line-and-sinker.

They made references to the fact that the GOP has chosen a candidate and Romney is his name. BULL! Ron Paul is hauling in more delegates by the day. It looks as if Mitt isn’t going to reach that magic delegate count to seal the deal before Florida. That means that the people still have a voice and the Ron Paul supporters are far from calling this one done. It also means that Romney is pulling out all the stops.

Doug Wead posted tonight about some of the shenanigans going on across the country. One example he shared was, “A county chairman in New York has commissioned robo calls declaring that all other candidates have dropped out of the race except Mitt Romney.” This is an outright lie, yet how many will believe it. Certainly anyone who gets their news from the msm is going to. Another example he mentions says,” In one instance they literally locked the door to keep Ron Paul young people from participating.” If you care to read his entire article you can read his article Romney – Ron Paul in brutal battle!.

I vote in PA tomorrow and I cannot wait. This will by my first chance to vote for Ron Paul. I changed my party affiliation from none to Republican just for the chance to cast my vote.

Of course, in PA the primary vote for president is just a beauty contest. The more meaningful votes are for the Senate, other local positions and most importantly the delegates. I have my list ready to hit the polls bright and early.

On a side note, I want to take this opportunity to plug a candidate for District 31 State Senator nominee, Andy Shaw. Andy is running against Pat Vance for a seat she’s held for a looooong time now. Andy is a friend of mine from high school. He’s running on a very solid conservative platform. I wish him the best of luck. I realize that the vote is tomorrow and no one will likely see this post who lives in my District in PA between now and then, but if on the off chance that isn’t the case, visit and please consider casting your vote for him.


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