Alaska GOP Rigs Game for Romney

The mainstream media may not be covering it but that doesn’t mean the Romney camp isn’t noticing the fact that Ron Paul stands to bring a large amount of delegates to the Florida Republican National Convention in August. It’s quite clear no one is certain how the votes will fall in a brokered convention. Fear of Ron Paul and his Liberty movement sweeping across this country, has some establishment republicans playing dirty. They’ve been making a concerted effort to game the system and purge all the Paul delegates they can. Their methods to do just that in Alaska recently have been drawing some heat.

The Ripoff Report reported, “The Alaska Republican Party state convention is set to be held from April 26th-28th, and all previous communications to would-be delegates have stated that a delegate fee of $250 would be accepted up until the convention registration deadline, which is 2:00 p.m. Alaska Time on April 26th. However, on Monday the 16th state party chairman Randy Reudrich called a state committee meeting at which he stated that delegate fees would be accepted no later than 48 hours from the time of the meeting, which would be Wednesday, April 18th. However, on Tuesday the state party said that delegate fees had to be paid by 6:00 p.m. that evening.”

Doug Wead reported, “First Reudrich’s GOP state party told delegates they could pay their $250 registration fee with personal check or by credit card online.  Then they promptly pulled the online link.  Delegates were caught off guard again when the Reudrich’s Rules changed.   Personal checks were no longer acceptable.   One was denied registration by a Party official who declared that even a money order was unacceptable.

“The Alaska GOP told individual Ron Paul, pro-life, or non-Romney supporters that they were prohibited from sponsoring the fee for surrogate delegates, and prohibited from covering any expenses for airfare or accommodations for anyone else. Of course, this was not true.  One Ron Paul supporter who quietly, but firmly, pointed out the legality of the process, and listed Romney delegates whose expenses were paid by friends, was then told, “Yes, but they filed a state GOP waiver form.” He was then told that the party was out of forms.  Sorry.”

The Paul camp has condemned these action by the Alaska GOP. A letter send to Reudrich from the Paul Lawyers can be read  here.

Ron Paul supporters have been in an uproar since these shenanigans came to light, and rightfully so. They’ve been doing what they do best: making it clear to the ARP that this will not be tolerated. It  must be working. Evan Cutler, an Alaska Alternate Delegate for Ron Paul, put out a statement calling for a calm response from the legions of Ron Paul Supporters across this country. Doug Wead posted Cutler’s message in a recent post entitled “An appeal for calm in Alaska

We are all vulnerable to the decisions of those in positions of power within our society. Most of us generally trust that these folks are following the rules and doing the right thing on our behalf. Maybe that trust is not always deserved. I think it’s time people realized that the system can be gamed and start holding our public officials accountable. When the process by which we choose our president is undermined, our freedom is at risk. That threat is not something we should be taking lightly.

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