Why I believe in capitalism and free markets

I adhere to the principle that man is unable to act contrary to what he/she perceives to be his/her best interest. Man acts. All actions are dictated by preference. The underlying preference is always revealed in outward action. As humans we are unable to do anything that is contrary to self interest. What action we choose to engage in is entirely based on the perception of what action will yield the most desired outcome. Since at any given moment we are faced with options and desires for future outcomes, and because we are all subject, at the very least, to the scarcity of time, we must arrive at a preference for present action. Some desires must take precedence given our inability to invest the time into every conceivable desire. How we as individuals choose to invest our time and resources is always dictated by what we perceive to be our most beneficial coarse of action. Who is better than the person itself to determine what is in it’s best interest? The idea of collective interest demands that some in the group stop acting and allow themselves to be overtaken with indifference.

Indifference is not sustainable. It would, without doubt, manifest itself as total emotional, physical, and subconscious paralysis. Indifference is the philosophical opposite of action. Man acts. Any argument to the contrary immediately finds itself at odds with the original premise.

That is why I believe the political philosophy that best suits the character of humans is one which hinges on the principles of individual liberty. When each person is afforded, by all others, the right to act to their own advantage so long as their actions do not infringe on the same right of others, there can exist a homogenous society that supports the widest possible prosperity. Government plays an important role of protecting the individual. Constitutional government protects the individual’s property from those who would wish to acquire it by force and provides justice on behalf of those who have been wronged.

It is not the responsible citizen who seeks to build up government so that it may bargain with it to wield it’s sword on their behalf. Contracting the government to confiscate the property of others is theft. Acting in such a manor serves only to widen the gap between the ruler and the ruled, empower the ruling class and diminish the rights of the individual.

Our government rather than providing those basic protections, has become a monster who wishes to dictate the lives of it’s subjects in every facet of life. This has been a long slow process that has been perpetrated on the people by the people. One group should not and cannot use government to instill their own personal moral values by force on others. That is why I believe the solution to our problems starts with a consensus to limit government to it’s constitutionally defined role. Recognize that individual rights are the only rights and that it is no ones right to misuse the government’s power to take away freedom from another and force their moral agenda on the masses.

When a small group of bankers created legislation that endowed on themselves the sole right to create money, dictate the value thereof and manipulate the rates at which they would lend it, a great right of all was concentrated into the hands of a few. That power has sapped the wealth of our currency through constant inflation. It has served to fund unjust wars without the consent of the people. It has served to confiscate great amounts of wealth out of the hands of the many into the hands of the few.

The way to correct this grave injustice is to repeal the federal reserve’s charter, allow men the freedom to determine what payment to accept for their time, and to eliminate fractional reserve banking system. The bank should be nothing more than a warehouse for money. What one puts into it should remain there until withdrawn. Banks should not assume that while they are in possession of other people’s property they can do with it as they wish.

Similarly it is man’s right to determine for himself what he will accept as payment for his time. That is why the central banking cartel’s monopoly of money creation and the government’s laws that force individuals to accept only what they decree as payment are so obviously a great force against individual liberty.

A free market is one where the consumer dictates what is valued. It becomes each individual’s goal to best meet the needs of their fellow citizens at the lowest cost. Those who best serve others reap the rewards of their efforts. That is capitalism. That is free markets.


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