In God We Trust

Dr. Paul has recently said he opposes the bill reaffirming ‘In God We Trust’ as national motto. This may offend some people. I believe those who are offended, perhaps, fail to recognize the principle behind his decision.

Many individuals instigate the government to undertake the business of enforcing their personal moral agenda only to later demand that government has overstepped its bounds when it rules contrary to their personal convictions. Government is good when it agrees with them and bad when it does not. For example, one who applauds the federal government’s decree that “In God We Trust” is to be the nation’s motto may very well cry foul if it was changed tomorrow to be “In Money We Trust”. It’s a certainty that Ron Paul would stand in opposition to this for exactly the same reason he apposed it this time. I believe that people fail to understand that his objection has nothing to do with the substance of the motto, but rather, the principle that a limited Constitutional government offers the best opportunity for prosperity of the people. While there is not a great deal of individual liberty at stake with this particular issue, it is reassuring to me, that he would stand on principle even on the small matters. His convictions force the astute observer to consider what the proper role of government really is.

A limited federal government leads to greater individual liberty. For Christians, any increase in individual liberty should be welcomed with open arms. Why? Because it equates to the freedom to worship, witness, and pray as they please. Yet the Christian community, in this case, is largely responsible for the negative attitude towards Dr. Paul’s statement. Perhaps they fail to understand Constitutional government. Too many Christians feel compelled to use the federal government as their moral ramrod in effort to stamp out, by force, those who appose them. They do themselves a great disservice by doing so because they open themselves up to being made the victim of government policy. Rather than trying to change people by force of government, why not adopt a personal policy of allowing each to decide what is in their best interest. In such a system, Christians would have unlimited opportunity to share and spread their faith with others.

I have no issue with “In God We Trust” appearing anywhere because it’s true to me. But the issue at hand is not whether I think it’s a good or bad idea. It’s certainly not about questioning the historical beliefs of our founding fathers. It’s about what I want government deciding for me. If I insist that government push my morality on the rest of the civilization, I’ve done little more than open the door for the same government to force on me the morality of someone else. That is not freedom. That is not America. We all have to start realizing that all social matters, no matter how seemingly inconsequential, are best handled at the most local level. It is in that arena where the individual holds the most sway. We can as individuals band together and espouse the motto of “In God We Trust” with pride with absolutely no need for government interference in the matter.

The fact that this country is founded on Judeo-Christian values does not change no matter what is written on our money or what the federal government decides our motto is. To restore our Republic, it’s going to take a man like Ron Paul who realizes that even declaring a motto is too much power for the federal government to have. We are a Christian nation. I have no doubt about it. Our founders understood that our individual freedoms come from our creator. They set out to establish a nation where government was kept to a minimum so that free people could prosper. There is no other candidate or member of congress who has the proven track record of defending individual liberty and constitutional government more so than Dr. Ron Paul. He understands that when you give government and inch they take all they can get. He understands that this nation prospers when government gets out of the way of individuals.

I’m constantly dumbfounded by the fact that so many American’s react negatively to the message of liberty. We have before us a candidate for the president of the United States who wishes to do nothing more than return our God given rights and freedoms afforded us by the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. This should be a no-brainer.


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