If you hate the main stream media, you’ll love Ben Swann.

Every time I turn on the television, I’m appalled at the way the truth is twisted. I won’t call them lies, cause I’m a nice guy but c’mon. If you like me and you just want the facts and the truth from you television news, you should see what Ben Swann has been up to. Ben is the Primetime anchor at WXIX Fox 19 in Cincinnati as well as the writer, host and producer of Reality Check with Ben Swann.

Seriously this guy puts the big guys to shame. Check out his youtube channel if your not in Cincinnati, like me. Great stuff. It’s seriously the news you aren’t gonna get on Hannity, or Maddow. He’s covered topics like CISPA, the U.S.’s credit downgrades, GOP delegate counts, primary and caucus shenanigans that should have any decent Republican up in arms, and much more.

I’ve found his Reality Checks to be thoroughly researched and more informative than any other major media outlet. Kudos to you Ben. Keep up the good work. We need more reporters like you.

When Santorum dropped out the the race, I asked myself, “What happens to his delegates?” Well within a few days Ben’s Reality Check had the answer that couldn’t find anywhere else.

Reality Check: What Happens To Santorum’s Delegates?

When the MO caucus leaders tried to railroad the process to keep delegates from going to Ron Paul, Swann had the story that no one else seems to care about.

Reality Check GOP committee attempts to manipulate delegate process in Missouri

Here is an idea. Instead of coming home and turning on the usual talking heads, pop open your favorite web browser and head on over to Ben Swann’s YouTube Channel. Get some good info for once.


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